For over 19 years, DNA Plus has been focused on providing the safest, most convenient, comprehensive, and accurate DNA testing available to the public, while maintaining the best pricing. We continue to employ only the latest DNA based technologies and techniques to ensure the most accurate results available.


We specialize in Non-Invasive Prenatal testing technologies. DNA Plus was offering Non-Invasive Paternity and Gender testing a decade before any other lab in the United States. With this much experience behind our state of the art testing, you can be sure we have the expertise and skill to provide safe and accurate Prenatal Paternity or Gender tests using only the mother’s blood. This noninvasive procedure does not use amniocentesis or CVS. (Which we also perform if you prefer or your Doctor requires)


At DNA Plus, we have been helping clients find the Truth in their relationships for over 19 years. We are the industry leader in Infidelity testing. Are you suspicious about your partner? Would you like to know the truth and be armed with all the information before making relationship damaging accusations? Let DNA Plus help you get you the answers you need.